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The Red Square, The Winter Palace In St. Petersburg And St. Basil’s Cathedral In Moscow Are Among The Several Destinations That Come To Mind When Global Students Consider Russia As An Option For Studying Abroad.

With Its Rich And Diverse History, Russian Culture Today Is A Mind Boggling Combination Of Custom And Development. Home To A Portion Of The World’s Most Renowned Social Figures From Dostoyevsky To Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Plisetskaya And Innumerable Others, Russia Has Played An Immense Role In Fostering The Worldwide Opinion Towards Artistic Expressions Like Ballet, Classical Music, Literature And Fine Arts. 

Destinations Like Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk And Tambov Are A Rescue From Russia’s Westernmost Areas And Show The Real Aspects Of The Russian Culture, And Its Opportunities For Higher Education Across Its Broad Geographic Region. 

Considered To Be One Among The Greatest Countries Of The World, Russia Spans More Than 17 Million Square Kilometers From Europe To Asia, With 776 Colleges Open To Global Students.

Higher Education In Russia Is Similar To The Local European Academic Framework, Only With A Few Contrasts. In Russia, The System Is Divided Into Four Principal Segments – Primary, Secondary, Higher And Postgraduate Education. 776 Higher Education Organizations Across 82 Regions In Russia Acknowledge Worldwide Students. Russia As A Study Abroad Destination Will Gives A Wide Variety Of Choices In Tracking Down The Right Higher Education For You!

Degree Structure In Russia

Upon Completion Of The Secondary Education, Students Can Either Seek A Bachelor’s Or Any Other Special Course. After Qualifying These, They Can Later Seek A Master’s Degree Or Apply For Jobs. Bachelor’s Degrees Are Given After Four Years In A University. Specialist Degrees Are Awarded After Five Years Of Study And Are Directed More Towards Practical Education In A Particular Field.   

Master Degrees Are Granted Following Two Years Of Study With One Year Committed To Research. These Degrees Incorporate Practical Knowledge And Making A Thesis. 

Colleges Offered At Russia

Boikhali Ad-Din Akij Medical College

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US- Bangla Medical College

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Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

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Prime Medical College

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