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The Establishment Of The Educational Framework In Bangladesh Was Set Down During The Time Of British Rule. The Framework Has Three Levels— Primary, Secondary, And Higher Education. 

Higher Studies Consists Of Three Streams: General (Comprehensive Of Pure And Applied Science, Business, Arts, And Sociology), Madrasah, And Tech Education. Tech Education Incorporates Engineering, Agriculture, Medical, Leather Technology, Textile, And ICT. 

Higher Education Is Followed By University And College Level Programmes Through Pass Courses (3 Years) And Honours Courses (4 Years) In The Overall Educational Stream. The Master’s Degree Is A One-Year Degree For Holders Of Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) And Two-Year Degree For Holders Of (Pass) Bachelor’s Degree. 

For Professional Training, Bangladesh Includes A Few Engineering Universities And Organizations Of Polytechnic And Law Schools. Additionally, Several Specialized Universities Are Devoted To Preparing Students In Fields Like Home Economics, Arts, Agriculture, Social Welfare And Research. 

Bangladesh Is A Country In South Asia Situated Along The Bay Of Bengal. It Imparts Boundaries To India And Myanmar. Bangladesh Is A Muslim Country With Hindu, Buddhist, And Christian Impacts. The People There Live In Public Harmony And Enjoy Their Own Cultures And Customs. Studying In Bangladesh Helps In Bringing Out Its Dynamic History That Makes It A Fascinating Spot To Study Abroad. Bengali Language, Islamic Religion, And The Rusticness Of The Country Binds Together The Nation’s Way Of Life In An Extraordinary Manner.

Why Should You Choose Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Is One Among The Best Options For Most Of The MBBS Aspirants. Consistently, There Are A Vast Number Of Students Who Try To Pursue Their MBBS Degree From Bangladesh. Bangladesh Is One Of Those Nations Which Offer The MBBS Course At An Extremely Reasonable Fee. In Bangladesh The Typical Cost Of Living Is Likewise Very Low Which Is The Significant Explanation To Why The MBBS Aspirants Choose Bangladesh. 

  • Scholarship For MBBS In Bangladesh Or Some Other Nation Is Granted By The Government To Alleviate The Medical Course Expenses Since The Medical Course Is By And Large Extremely Expensive And Can’t Be Managed By The Middle Class Or The Lower Middle Class Families. 
  • Bangladesh Offers Scholarship Programmes For Students Coming From The SAARC Countries And Fulfill The Qualification Standards To Profit From The Scholarship Benefits. 
  • As We Know That Bangladesh Is Known For Its Moderate Medical Stream Course With Quality Education Standard, And This Is The Reason Behind It Being A Popular Option For The MBBS Aspirants. There Are Many Medical Colleges In Bangladesh Which Offer Top Notch Education And Are Recognised Throughout The World. 
  • For Candidates Belonging To The Asian Countries, The Food In Bangladesh Will Be Of Comparable Preference And Suit Their Likings.
  • The Environment And The Way Of Life In Bangladesh Are Similar To The Nations Of The Asian Mainland.

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